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Simple Text Ps
Hi guys, straight to the poin, today I'm gonna make a tutorial of Photoshop, this is my first tutorial and my first learn how to use Photoshop. This is tutorial is about how to make a simple text design. 

Dont worry this is a basic tutorial so i think you can do it easily without any problem. Why can i say like that? Its because i don't have any problem when i try to make it. (lol)
Ok ok I'll not make you wait, check it out. :D

Step 1
First, Photosop must have been installed on your PC, if you haven't install it you can download it on its server, but don't forget to buy the license, ok. After you install it, now run it, so the worksheet will open like this.
Loewyi Room (loeroo)
After that we make a new project, you press Ctrl + N for the shortcut or you can do this.
File > New...
Loewyi Room (loeroo)
Create New Project
And it will show like this. Set name into Simple Text, the width and height into 200x200px, Color Mode into 16bit, Resolution into 300px, and the background into transparent then click OK.
Loewyi Room (loeroo)
New Windows
This is the result, a blank worksheet.
Loewyi Room (loeroo)
New Work Area
Step 2
In this step we gonna make a text that read "SIMPLE TEXT" just like the sample image. We can do it like this, first click the Horizontal Type Tool (T) on the Tool Box.
Loewyi Room (loeroo)
Text Tool
After that make the Text like this. In this tutorial I use #fad689 for the color of the text and Showcard Gothic Font Style.
Loewyi Room (loeroo)
Text had been made
Step 3
In this step we gonna make the offside text. But first we change the foreground color on the Tool Box into #0035fc.
Loewyi Room (loeroo)
Change the foreground color
After that select the text by pressing Ctrl + Click the layer of the text.
Loewyi Room (loeroo)
Selected the text
And it gonna be like this.
Loewyi Room (loeroo)
Text selected
After that we create the new layer by pressing Ctrl + Shift + N, Set the name into "offside" and then click Ok.
Loewyi Room (loeroo)
Create New Layer
And the new layer had been made.
Loewyi Room (loeroo)
The New Layer
After that set the position of the offside layer on the bottom of the text layer
Loewyi Room (loeroo)
Below the Text
Then select the Offside layer and do this.
Click Select > Modify > Expand...
Loewyi Room (loeroo)
Create the Offside Part
And the Expand Selection will show, after that we set the Expand By into 5.
Loewyi Room (loeroo)
Set the Expand
And Now we change the color by pressing Shift + BackSpace, the "Fill" window will show up, in this window we set the content > use into foreground color and click Ok, and its gonna be like this. Press Ctrl + D to remove the selection.
Loewyi Room (loeroo)
The Expand Part
Step 4 Final Touch
For the final touch we can add a little decorating by using The Brush tool on the Tool Box. For this time I use the Vector Flower Brush Style. You can download the Brush Style in here. Don't forget to make a different layer for each style brush that we use. And this is the final result.
Loewyi Room (loeroo)
The Final Result
Ok that's all for tutorial today. I hope you can understand it easly. See ya in the next tutorial.


four dreams said...

yeeey mantap lah sob :D

secangkir teh dan sekerat roti said...

dasar banget nih !
tapi oke :)

loewyi said...

@four dreams : Makasih bro... :D

@Secangkir Teh dan Sekerat Roti : ya begitulah gan, kan semuanya harus dimulai dari dasar. :-indo

rezKY p-RA-tama said...

jadi master sotosop ne
keren2 bro

loewyi said...

@Rezky : Ah gak juga kok bro, aku masih dalam tahap pembelajaran masih pemula. :)

rezKY p-RA-tama said...

beh masih parahan aku berarti bro
aku newbinya pemula

Loewyi said...

@Rezky : hahahaha..... ada - ada sajo u bro.... mana ada newbiinya pemula?????

foredi lampung said...

semoga sukses all dg bisnis photoshop nya

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