A Little Explanation About Photosop

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Today i'm gonna talk about Photoshop, just like inkscape, Gimp, and Corel. Photoshop it can be used to create a graphic design but Photoshop is a very comprehensive pixel graphic software.

Photosop not only capable of processing graphics to photography, but also capable of processing other graphics. Here's interests or professions which are supported by the reliability of Photoshop:
  1. Photo Editor.
  2. Manga artist and Animator.
  3. Graphic designers printing and advertising.
  4. Web Designer
Here are some features that are owned by Photoshop:
  • Able to work based on the concept of bitmap graphics so the resulting file more compatible.
  • Has a feature that varied effects and filters.
  • Tracing images can easily be done with features such as paths on vector graphics software.
  • Using the layer system to facilitate the editing process.
  • Can be integrated with other plug-ins software with many options.
And this is for the interface.
Loewyi Room (loeroo)
Photoshop Interface
Just like another software Photoshop can be basically divided into four main categories, namely:
  1. Menu Bar
  2. ToolBox and Option Bar
  3. Palette
  4. Work area.
Ok, I think that's all for the explanation about Photoshop. i hope you guy can understand it. If you want to know it more you can search it on google. Because there are so many explanation which more specific. :)

See ya on another time. :)


rezKY p-RA-tama said...

sotosop emang program gila
tapi keren
bsia ngerubah semua gambar

rezKY p-RA-tama said...

skrip nya ditaro dimana ya?

four dreams said...

oke brader :D

Loewyi said...

@Rezky : Ya begitulah bro... itu kenapa aku mau belajar photoshop. :D, script apaan bro??? script icon kaskus tah??? liat aja di postinganku yang ini bro

@four dreams : Oke Gan..... :toss

Fahrizal said...

photosohop ...
kalo lagi bosen, biasanya q juga ngedit photo pake photoshop ...

four dreams said...

brader izin follow yaaa :)
kalau berkenan silahkan di follow balik :D

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