Create Skype Icon in Inkscape

Skype is software that enables the world's conversations. Millions of individuals and businesses use Skype to make free video and voice calls, send instant messages and share files with other Skype users. Everyday, people also use Skype to make low-cost calls to landlines and mobiles.[1]

But today, we will not gonna talk about how to use the Skype or how to download it and install it. Today, I'll will tell you how to make a Skype icon. Ok here we go.....

Step 1
First we open the Inkscape and then we make 3 circle like this bellow using tool "Create circles, ellipses, and arcs"
After we create the circles, now we set it into one line like this.
To make it like that you can do like this : First we set the two circles in above and in bottom become like this.
After that we click this icon on "the command bar" area.
Then it will show "Align and Distribute" page on right side. Now click "the center objecs horizontally" icon to make it centered in one line.
When it done, union it by pressing Ctrl + + and change the color into light blue (#00CCFF) like this.
Step 2
In this step 2 we gonna make the light shadow one like this.
First we gonna make an offset from the circle that we have make before by doing this. Click the circle and then go to "Path > Linked Offset" or we can use the short cut by perssing Alt + Ctrl + J.
Then zoom it, click the node and drag it "in" not "out".
After that now we set the color into "White" and press "Page Up" Button to make it in front of the body like this.
Then block it all and rotate it like this.
Now we gonna make the gradient from the white one, by doing this : select the white part and then click "create and edit gradients" tool on the tool box side.
And make it like this bellow.
That's for the Step 2.
Step 3
This is the final Step, in this Step we gonna make the letter "S" by doing first click the "Create and edit text object" tool in Tool Box.
And write the "S" like this bellow.
After that we change the "S" style by clicking "View and select Font Family, ..." tool in Command Bar.
And it'll show like this. I use Bold Courier Font Style in here.
Now set all of it like the image above, click "apply" button and close it. And then set the position into the middle of body and chage the color into white, it gonna be like this.
That was the last step, after that we can export it into png format. You can click in here if you don't know how to format it into png file.
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Hi guys, how are you today? :) how's your work? is it fine???
Today i'm gonna tell you how to export the svg file into the Bitmap file (.png) in Inkscape. Actually this is an easy part, all we need it just open the svg file with Inkscape and then select/block it all the image that had been made before to export it into Bitmap file (.png) like this.
My Banner Project
In this case I use my banner blog project. After we select / block it all, now on the Command Bar side we click "Export this document or a selection as a bitmap image" (
The Export Tool
) tool and it'll appear a windows like this.
The Export Window
Ok now on the Export Area set it become "Selection" it mean it will export the image which we have already selected before, click the browser button to change the directory that you use to save the image, and then click the Export button. This is the result.
Final Result

Simple Text with Photoshop

Loewyi Room (loeroo)
Simple Text Ps
Hi guys, straight to the poin, today I'm gonna make a tutorial of Photoshop, this is my first tutorial and my first learn how to use Photoshop. This is tutorial is about how to make a simple text design. 

Dont worry this is a basic tutorial so i think you can do it easily without any problem. Why can i say like that? Its because i don't have any problem when i try to make it. (lol)
Ok ok I'll not make you wait, check it out. :D

Step 1
First, Photosop must have been installed on your PC, if you haven't install it you can download it on its server, but don't forget to buy the license, ok. After you install it, now run it, so the worksheet will open like this.
Loewyi Room (loeroo)
After that we make a new project, you press Ctrl + N for the shortcut or you can do this.
File > New...
Loewyi Room (loeroo)
Create New Project
And it will show like this. Set name into Simple Text, the width and height into 200x200px, Color Mode into 16bit, Resolution into 300px, and the background into transparent then click OK.
Loewyi Room (loeroo)
New Windows
This is the result, a blank worksheet.
Loewyi Room (loeroo)
New Work Area
Step 2
In this step we gonna make a text that read "SIMPLE TEXT" just like the sample image. We can do it like this, first click the Horizontal Type Tool (T) on the Tool Box.
Loewyi Room (loeroo)
Text Tool
After that make the Text like this. In this tutorial I use #fad689 for the color of the text and Showcard Gothic Font Style.
Loewyi Room (loeroo)
Text had been made
Step 3
In this step we gonna make the offside text. But first we change the foreground color on the Tool Box into #0035fc.
Loewyi Room (loeroo)
Change the foreground color
After that select the text by pressing Ctrl + Click the layer of the text.
Loewyi Room (loeroo)
Selected the text
And it gonna be like this.
Loewyi Room (loeroo)
Text selected
After that we create the new layer by pressing Ctrl + Shift + N, Set the name into "offside" and then click Ok.
Loewyi Room (loeroo)
Create New Layer
And the new layer had been made.
Loewyi Room (loeroo)
The New Layer
After that set the position of the offside layer on the bottom of the text layer
Loewyi Room (loeroo)
Below the Text
Then select the Offside layer and do this.
Click Select > Modify > Expand...
Loewyi Room (loeroo)
Create the Offside Part
And the Expand Selection will show, after that we set the Expand By into 5.
Loewyi Room (loeroo)
Set the Expand
And Now we change the color by pressing Shift + BackSpace, the "Fill" window will show up, in this window we set the content > use into foreground color and click Ok, and its gonna be like this. Press Ctrl + D to remove the selection.
Loewyi Room (loeroo)
The Expand Part
Step 4 Final Touch
For the final touch we can add a little decorating by using The Brush tool on the Tool Box. For this time I use the Vector Flower Brush Style. You can download the Brush Style in here. Don't forget to make a different layer for each style brush that we use. And this is the final result.
Loewyi Room (loeroo)
The Final Result
Ok that's all for tutorial today. I hope you can understand it easly. See ya in the next tutorial.
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A Little Explanation About Photosop

Loewyi Room (loeroo)

Today i'm gonna talk about Photoshop, just like inkscape, Gimp, and Corel. Photoshop it can be used to create a graphic design but Photoshop is a very comprehensive pixel graphic software.

Photosop not only capable of processing graphics to photography, but also capable of processing other graphics. Here's interests or professions which are supported by the reliability of Photoshop:
  1. Photo Editor.
  2. Manga artist and Animator.
  3. Graphic designers printing and advertising.
  4. Web Designer
Here are some features that are owned by Photoshop:
  • Able to work based on the concept of bitmap graphics so the resulting file more compatible.
  • Has a feature that varied effects and filters.
  • Tracing images can easily be done with features such as paths on vector graphics software.
  • Using the layer system to facilitate the editing process.
  • Can be integrated with other plug-ins software with many options.
And this is for the interface.
Loewyi Room (loeroo)
Photoshop Interface
Just like another software Photoshop can be basically divided into four main categories, namely:
  1. Menu Bar
  2. ToolBox and Option Bar
  3. Palette
  4. Work area.
Ok, I think that's all for the explanation about Photoshop. i hope you guy can understand it. If you want to know it more you can search it on google. Because there are so many explanation which more specific. :)

See ya on another time. :)
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A Simple Facebook Icon

Loewyi Room (loeroo)
Facebook Icon

Hi guys, we meet again today. Today i'm gonna share to you how to make a simple facebook icon with Inkscape. I think you all know what is facebook, because in this era everybody use it. Not only young children but also adults and even kids have a facebook.

Do you know a facebook icon, right. I know there are so many icons facebook that had been made in this cyber world. You can search it on google by writing keyword "Facebook Icon" on image search tab. And..... wuzzzzzzz....... There are so many icons facebook that will be appear.

But do you ever think "Can you make it by yours own way?". Because yes i'm. That's why i'm gonna show you how to make a simple facebook icon by my own way.
Ok here we go....

Step 1
First we open the Inkscape, after that click the Create Rectangles and Squares tool on Tool Box. This is the icon of Rectangles and Squares tool :
Loewyi Room (loeroo)
Rectangles Tool
After that on Tool Control Bar set the corner of the box by set the Rx to be 40px, just like this.
Loewyi Room (loeroo)
Set The Rx
And then make the box and it's gonna just like this.
Loewyi Room (loeroo)
The Square
Step 2
Now after the box is already made, we change its color to blue like this.
Loewyi Room (loeroo)
Blue Square
Then we set the opacity of the box by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + F that will appear Fill and Stroke boxes like this.
Loewyi Room (loeroo)
Fill and Stroke
In the section marked opacity we set the opacity to be 88.9%.
Loewyi Room (loeroo)
Sey The Opacity
Step 3
After that we make the line which lies in the inside by doing this. Click on the square and then we duplicate by pressing CTRL + D, after that we set the color becomes colorless at the Palette by clicking the color that marked cross.
Loewyi Room (loeroo)
Set to Colorless
And then we set the stroke color become light blue (# D7F4EE) by right-clicking on the respective colors then click Set Stroke like this.
Loewyi Room (loeroo)
Set Stroke
After we set the stroke and then we set the thickness of a stroke in a way in Fill and Stroke boxes or we can open it by pressing Shift + CTRL + F and then we select the Stroke Style tab and we set its width to 10px.
Loewyi Room (loeroo)
Set The Width of Stroke
Step 4
After that we zoom out the square, by clicking CTRL and we pull the tip of the right of the box.
Loewyi Room (loeroo)
Zoom Out the Square
Then we set the location right in the middle position of the first square like this.
Loewyi Room (loeroo)
Set To the Center
After that we set the opacity of the second square into 59.3%
Loewyi Room (loeroo)
Set the Opacity
Step 5
And now it's time for us to make the letter "F". First click "Create and Edit Text Object" icon on the Tool Box.
Loewyi Room (loeroo)
Text Tool
After that, write the letter "f" and change the color to be white. In this Tutorial I use Calibri Font Style, but you can use another Font Style. And then we enlarge by pressing the CTRL key and then drag the bottom right corner so that it looks like this.
Loewyi Room (loeroo)
Zoom In the Text
That's for the Step 5 and now the step 6.
Step 6
In this step we gonna make the shiny part, here it is the instruction.
First we will create an oval circle, on the Tool Box click the "Create Circles, Ellipses, and Arcs" icon. Don't forget to change the color to be white.
Loewyi Room (loeroo)
Circle Tool
Then we create a circle on top to cover the top of the letter F like this.
Loewyi Room (loeroo)
Create the circle
After that we duplicate the First Square which have the blue color.
Loewyi Room (loeroo)
Duplicate the Blue Square
And then we select the Square that we have been duplicate before and the circle. First click the Square and thet press Shift+click the circle to select them both.
Loewyi Room (loeroo)
Select the Circle and the Aquare
After that, on the Menu Bar click Path > Division or we can press CTRL + / for the shortcut.
Loewyi Room (loeroo)
Make Division
And it's gonna be like this.
Loewyi Room (loeroo)
Had been Division
Then we remove the top so that would be like this.
Loewyi Room (loeroo)
After Remove the Top
Now change the opacity to be 23.0% by pressing Shift + CTRL + F and set the opacity bar so that it look like this and set the stroke color into white.
Loewyi Room (loeroo)
The Result of Step 6
Step 7 Final Touch
Duplicate the First Square, the blue one, then we change the color to be Aqua (#00FFFF) and change the opacity to be 27.9%.
Loewyi Room (loeroo)
Duplicate it
The last thing, press the PageDown (PgDn) as much as three times it used to change the position of the box at the bottom of the letter "F". So this is the final result.
Loewyi Room (loeroo)
Final Result
How about it, it's easy right. Ok, I think that's all for today and see you in another tutorial.
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