Hi guys, how are you today? :) how's your work? is it fine???
Today i'm gonna tell you how to export the svg file into the Bitmap file (.png) in Inkscape. Actually this is an easy part, all we need it just open the svg file with Inkscape and then select/block it all the image that had been made before to export it into Bitmap file (.png) like this.
My Banner Project
In this case I use my banner blog project. After we select / block it all, now on the Command Bar side we click "Export this document or a selection as a bitmap image" (
The Export Tool
) tool and it'll appear a windows like this.
The Export Window
Ok now on the Export Area set it become "Selection" it mean it will export the image which we have already selected before, click the browser button to change the directory that you use to save the image, and then click the Export button. This is the result.
Final Result


Loewyi Room (loeroo)
Information : hover the icon to see the code to use

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